Thorne Yacht Design have been developing a ground breaking project for the last 2 years, to bring about the extensive refit of a 27.4 metre maxi sailing catamaran.

The yacht is a Marstrom 90, built in Sweden, previously named Gemini-3. Having been raced globally and based in Poland for over 10 years, the yacht arrived in Hythe at the end of November 2022, where it was taken into care by Thorne Design and Fibre Mechanics, Thorne Yacht Design’s build partner, for the refit construction work.

The process has now begun to convert and re-use this racing cat, and to show-case cutting edge sustainable technology whilst being a capable blue water cruiser. Giving a new life to the ex-racing yacht is being completed while utilising the most innovative systems on the market to develop a high-performance cruising catamaran. Over the last 2 years, Thorne Design has undertaken extensive feasibility studies, using finite element analysis, computation fluid dynamics, naval architecture and composite engineering.  The key challenge has been to accommodate the additional structure and cruising gear, the refit includes a transom extension, making a new LOA of 29.9 metres.  This additional flotation helps to offset the increase in displacement while maintaining focus on weight efficiency and performance.

Eliot Thorne, owner of Thorne Yacht Design, says ‘Working in close collaboration with an experienced owner, our team is ensuring an exceptional level of finish and performance in this innovative endeavour. With over a decade of high-performance catamarans in our portfolio, this project gives us the opportunity to showcase the most up-to-date design and systems, with emphasis on lightweight composite structures and sustainable material technology.  The opportunity to “recycle” an existing boat and give it a new life poses a number of challenges but it is one that our team relishes and believes is a great way to promote greater awareness of sustainable solutions.”

Based in Lymington, Thorne Design is an ever-expanding team of naval architects, structural engineers, stylists and systems engineers.

This project is in partnership with Fibre Mechanics and Appic Labs.

28 March 2023